NY Style On2

101 – NY Style On2 – Fundamentals

This course will begin with an explanation of On2 musicality and how to listen to the 8 bar count and find the 2 in those 8 bars. Each class will begin with a stretch sequence accompanied with body movement exercises that will be repeated at the beginning of each class. Learning is accomplished through repetition, and therefore, repeating these exercises will allow body movements to flow naturally and as a whole. Your body will become conditioned to move sequentially through your salsa basic. The salsa basic is infinite and involves all parts of the body. Starting with the weight transfer of the feet, up to the bending of the knees which then moves the hips, and extends through the core which then moves the upper body and shoulders which cause the arms and hands to move as an extension of the core. In 101-NY Style On2-Beginner students will learn how to break or change directions on the 2 and 6 of the 8 bars as they move their body through the Salsa Basic.

201 – NY Style On2 – Intermediate

This course is geared for the dancer that has social danced or performed on2. We will revisit the techniques required to dance On2 socially. We will focus on the differences within the styles (Santo Rico vs Eddie Torres/Adolfo Indacochea). The course will focus on proper lead and follow techniques. solo (shine) sequences will be taught in order for students to understand and differentiate between core beats, half-beats and syncopation. This class will connect the musicality to the footwork and body movement involved in translating these different beat interpretations.

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