edc STUDIO Etiquette and FAQ’s

edc STUDIO Etiquette

Our goal at edc STUDIO is to create a safe space that is warm, friendly, and inspiring for everyone. To help us keep it that way, here are our studio guidelines:

Our studio is meant to be a safe place, where you can leave your worries and problems at the door.

Please be respectful to fellow students, staff, and other members of our community. 

Please be on time for class, and refrain from interrupting your instructors when they are talking or explaining a move.

Please be mindful that the choreographies and combos you learn have been created with your learning in mind. Choreographies are the intellectual property of your instructors. If you loved the choreo that you just learned and you would like to take a video for practice purposes, instructors will allow you to take a video of the demo of each day’s combo. However, it is for you to learn from, and practice purposes. Distribution or sharing of the material requires their explicit permission.

Please bring your OWN full re-useable water bottle! It is important for you to stay hydrated and together we can keep our world green!

Personal Hygiene is VERY important so, here are some tips to stay fresh: It’s always good to have a mint/gum before entering the class (or brush your teeth). Remember we can get close to a partner in some classes and fresh breath goes a long way! Think about bringing a small facial towel and/or a change of clothes. Some classes can get sweaty! Deodorant and/or body mists are HIGHLY recommended!

Bringing a clean pair of indoor shoes that are geared for dancing is a must!  Please help us to keep our floors safe and clean for all dancers. 

Please check that you have all your items when you leave the studio; any unclaimed items are donated to the Mustard Seed at the end of each month.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT!!! Have fun, be yourself, make friends!

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All our Intro Courses are designed for absolute beginners! And most of our Drop-in classes are open level, which means that the instructors teach beginner-friendly combos and footwork while giving everyone different options to challenge themselves according to everyone’s level of experience.
An OPEN HOUSE event will be scheduled every fall, where you can come and sample all of the classes for free!
Yes, we do!!! Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or join our mailing list to keep up to date on upcoming Edmonton Salsa Bachata events!
If you have planned to take Dance Classes with a friend or partner that’s GREAT, the more the merrier! However, please do not think that a partner is a requirement of partner dance. Your instructor will pair everyone up as leads/follows and will have students rotate in order to ensure that proper lead/follow techniques are being learned and executed. However, we endeavor to ensure that all our students are comfortable with their learning, and if you do not feel comfortable rotating partners please communicate this to your instructor so that rotation can be executed seamlessly. If after a few classes you decide to be included in the rotation please let your instructor know. In addition, we suggest that you consider our Private Lesson packages as another option, as this might be a more enjoyable alternative for you and your partner.

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We’re always working to improve our classes, studio space and the way we communicate with our customers, so we’d love to hear what’s working and how we can do better.