Dominican / Sensual / Urban (Fusion)

101 – Bachata Fundamentals

This course is geared for all levels. An explanation of Bachata musicality and Basic Bachata rhythm will set the foundation for an understanding of this dance as well as the body movement and timing involved.
Bachata can be danced both with a partner, as well as solo (shines) and both will be explained in this course, but this class will be taught as a Lead/Follow Partnering dance.

We will introduce the three different styles of Bachata: Sensual, Dominican and Urban.
It is our goal as instructor’s, that students leave this course, with an understanding of the timing and body movement involved in the interpretation of these three different Bachata Disciplines and the corresponding musicality.

201 – Bachata Intermediate

This course will build on your basics previously learned in 101. The class structure will be progressive, with each class building on the last. Fundamental building blocks will be stacked upon the last as we introduce syncopations, turns, body isolations, body rolls, and how these elements should be incorporated in order to interpret the musicality of the different Bachata Rhythms.
As in 101 this Course will be taught as a Lead/Follow Partnering Dance,

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